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Sodium Alginate Dye Thickener

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our sodium alginate dye thickener Advantage

1.high paste-forming rate (prepared paste 3%),lower dosing(40-50%), shorter time to forming paste (30min), simple dissolving method(dissolve easily in room temperature water with stirring)
2.excellent color yield and brightness
3.good water solubility, high paste-forming rate (viscosity above 60000mPa.s)
4.good resistance against salt, alkali and electrolyte, high stability, can be stored for more than 15 days no matter what the weather is
5.excellent outline(0.01-0.015mm), rheological property
6.excellent dispersing and permeability, especially good for high count and high density fabric printing 
7.easy to be taken off, impart fabric natural handle, better handle on viscose
8.cost efficient, at least 30% cheaper than sodium alginate, easy for pollution treatment


Three customers' confusion:

1) S86 is suitable for high quality reactive printing, sodium alginate is not the necessary & only choice.
2) Pure sodium alginate is the irreplaceable best paste for reactive printing, but now S86 can replace it.
3) There is no paste could do high quality printing for one hundred percentage safe, but now S86 can do.

Four customers' misunderstanding:

1) It is impossible for any other paste to replace sodium alginate
2) Do not believe S86 can replace sodium alginate
3) Think S86 will not stable
4) Afraid of production problem

S86 solves these four misunderstanding one time. 


Five vital advantages:
1) printing performance quite good
2) outline(0.01-0.015mm)
3) dispersibility for dyes is more than 150%, no color difference
4) paste can be stored for more than 15 days
5) high paste-forming rate,high brightness and easy to be taken off

Six special abilities:
1) good compatibility 2) good resistance against acid
3) good resistance against alkali 4) stable in big temperature change
5) good resistance against salt 6) good resistance against electrolyte( see following data)
Seven selling points:1) dosing 25-30% less; 2) high color yield; 3) cost reduced at least 30% for working paste; 4) save washing water 20%, save other textile auxiliaries 20%; 5) long storing time, reducing pollution 20% ; 6) good rheological property, 1mt paste can be used to printing extra 8-10% fabric; 7) save total cost at least 30%

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